Complete Program List

Top Nova Orthodontics Assistant Training  offers the following program:

  • Orthodontic Assisting Training
  • This program is focused on Orthodontics knowledge, hands-on and practical training. Students will receive a hard copy of the material they need to study on before attending the class.
  • Every session will start with a test at the school under the supervision of an instructor.
  • The instructor will then review the didactic material and answer questions. Continued with the hands-on training on manikins and student partners.
  • Student shall fulfill the minimum requirement of the course
  • A maximum of 10 students per cohort may do the internship portion of the program at one time with one instructor.


Top Nova Orthodontics Assistant Training is located at:
46165 Westlake Dr. Ste. 300,
Sterling, VA 20165.
The school has at its disposal state-of-the-art dental/Orthodontic equipment and is staffed with experienced instructors who have taught and worked in the orthodontics assistants field for many years. Top Nova Orthodontics Assistant Training occupies the 3rd floor level space and covers approximately 4200 square feet and is split into two distinct areas which includes a business office with computer, phones, and records, a reception area, twelve fully equipped treatment (operatories) structured in an open bay, Sterilization area, Laboratory room, an administrative office, a common restroom in the floor, a classroom, and a lounge room.


Top Nova Orthodontics Assistant Training provides its students with access to online library facilities allowing the students to perform research on topics covered in its program. The library utilizes research databases providing the student with the most thorough and up-to-date research material available. The library also provides students with a number of URLs for free online libraries and research organizations.

In support of our students and their academic pursuits, Top Nova Orthodontics Assistant Training has joined the Library and Information Resource Network (LIRN). LIRN enhances our academic programs with a rich and powerful collection of resources: over 60 million journal articles, books, encyclopedias, newspapers, magazines, and audio and video clips. All Top Nova Orthodontics Assistant Training faculty and active students can use these resources free of charge. Students are also provided recommended open sources including textbooks and course materials.